Remembering Steve Fox

On June 10th, 2002 I sent the following letter out to the Gumby Death mailing list. It was one of the most difficult letters to write and to read again now.

I can't think of a way to even start this letter, and I don't even know if
this medium is appropriate, but I wanted to let everyone know. One of the most
generous people I have ever met has died. If you have been on this mailing
list for any length of time you have no doubt heard the name Steve Fox.

I met Steve at my last job and instantly knew I had met a kindred spirit. He
was older than me, but had that same excitement about computers, books,
movies, music, gadgets, etc. all those things that guys like. Out of our
friendship, his generosity, and his home business sprouted an internet
community. If you are reading this email then you are a part of that
community. He allowed me to run game servers, web sites and ftp sites, for
the simple cost of being involved in the process. From that kindness grew
Gumby Death and Gumby Fest and friends and a family. We may not all know each
other, we may not all talk to each other, and we may not all get along, but we
were all given the chance to interact and many beautiful things have come from

My prayers go out to his wife Jo, his family, and his friends. I will miss
Steve's emails about "cool toys", our late night conversations while I try
to fix Gumby Death, our discussions about the best MP3 software, our jokes
about life at Action Systems, our debates on the best Star Wars movie, and
hearing what sci-fi book he just finished.

But most of all I will miss my friend...

Rest in peace Steve.


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