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New In Version 1.5

  • Added support for GibStats Standard Log files
  • Added optional leader chart for most frags, deaths and suicides
  • Added command line options for filtering, leaders, output file, header file, footer file and number of players to print
  • Fixed a bug with player names that were blank
  • Speed should be even better now

Standard Features

  • Fast! Fast! Fast!
  • Quakeworld extended ASCII character support
  • Support for both Quakeworld and GibStats Standard Log files
  • Customized headers and footers
  • Partitioned tables for quicker load times
  • Multi-platform executables


FragLog is a simple parsing program that takes the log file created by Quakeworld and Quake II mods, and creates a sorted statistics HTML chart. Information such as Rank, Deaths, Frags, Suicides are shown as well as calculated Totals, Efficiency and Score. The number of users is limited to the amount of memory on the machine. You can create custom HTML header and footer files to be imported. This way a customized HTML file can be created quickly and easily. The resultant HTML file will have the format of:


The chart is sorted by Score and then Efficiency. The calculations used for the chart are:

Efficiency = Frags / ( Frags + Deaths )
Totals = Frags - Suicides
Score = Totals * Efficiency


  fraglog [switches] filespecs

  -d number     Drop players with (Frags + Deaths) < number
  -f filename   Footer file, default is footer.html
  -h filename   Header file, default is header.html
  -l            Print chart of leaders
  -o filename   Output file, default is fraglog.html
  -n number     Set max number of players to print out
  -s            Treat log file as a Log Standard file
  -?            This help screen

For example the following command line:

  fraglog -d 10 -l -n 50 -o gumbydeath.html -h arenahead.html frag_*.log

will print the top 50 players with (Frags + Deaths) > 10 and the leaders chart using all the frag_*.log files. It will try to import the default footer.html and the specified header file arenahead.html. The output file will be gumbydeath.html

Quakeworld and GibStats Standard Log Files

FragLog will handle the log files created by Quakeworld by default. Starting with version 1.5 FragLog will now read the Standard Log files that the author of GibStats has created a spec for. Since Quake II doesn't have a frag logging option, most mods that are out have implemented either the Quakeworld or Standard Log file as output. I haven't done any additional output for the Standard Log, just the regular chart, but if I get requests for it I might add that later. Here are some Quake II mods that have either Quakeworld logging or Standard Log style logging.

Leader Charts

In this version I have implemented a fun new feature. If you specify the -l option you will get a chart of the stats leaders. The person with the most Frags is the Brutality Leader, the one with the most Deaths is the Mortality Leader, and the poor soul with the most Suicides is the Harakiri Leader. Nothing spectacular, but the players and users seem to get a kick out of it.

Sample Output

Brutality Leader: Blaster <BdCo> with 6020 frags
Mortality Leader: X-Factor<BdCo> with 4956 deaths
Harakiri Leader: Blaster <BdCo> with 493 suicides

Rank Player Score EfficiencyFrags Deaths Suicides Totals
1Blaster <BdCo>326059%602040154935527
3Hannibal *IWG*136758%268419423262358

Extended ASCII Character Names

With the release of Quakeworld 2.xx we can once again use the extended ASCII character set to create multi-color and graphical names. FragLog will translate these extended ASCII characters to the closest matching character to be displayed in HTML. To find out how to make one of these names check out this file name_fun.zip

User List

There are actually people using FragLog other than me!! If you are one of them drop me a line and I'll add you here:

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Mike Dowell mdowell@mike-d.com